Pop culture aficionados have long admired painter-illustrator DREW FRIEDMAN's sordid, sensational, and often affectionate caricatures of showbiz legends, eccentric performers, and two-bit players. Working in collaboration with the artist, we are now producing and marketing signed, limited edition, archival-quality fine art prints of original portraits by Friedman.

All works are created by and copyrighted in the name of Drew Friedman. Portrait subjects are determined by a whimsical decision-making process. We are not selling the original art; we are selling signed editions only.

All prints are reviewed by the artist and signed only upon his approval. As each edition sells down, prices will increase. Once editions are sold out, we will not offer these works as fine art prints in different formats. However, the artist reserves the right to reproduce his works in books and other mass-market products.

The Production Team

BARBARA ECONOMON produces our prints. Economon is co-archivist of the Jim Flora collection, produces fine art prints for JimFlora.com, and has co-authored four anthologies of Flora's work. She is a digital media technician and librarian at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, a former programmer at KFAI radio, and a longtime fan of Drew Friedman's work.

IRWIN CHUSID manages the Drew Friedman print business, provides art direction during project development, writes the portrait subject bios (except where noted), and edits the website. Chusid also manages the musical estates of Raymond Scott, Sun Ra, and Juan Garcia Esquivel, and is co-archivist of the Jim Flora collection. He is a veteran radio personality at WFMU, and the author of Songs in the Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music. And yes, he's a fan of Drew Friedman.

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Special thanks:
K. Bidus, Laura Lindgren, Ken Swezey, Don Brockway (R.I.P.),
Sport Murphy, and Mark Frauenfelder & David Pescovitz/boingboing